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Dog Training and Dog walking services in short hills, New Jersey.

Best in Behavior can help you set your dog up for success. You'll both learn how effective positive, reward-based training can be.

Here's a list of current services and fees.

At your first session

Nancy will take a background history of your dog and review your needs
and training goals. Nancy will design a training plan to fit your schedule and target these goals.

Single Session: $115 per session | 4 or more Session Package: $100 per session

Basic Obedience

Introduces or reviews the basic obedience skills your dog needs to be a well-mannered companion and family member. Behaviors include sit, down, stay, coming when called and leash walking.

Behavior Modification

Dogs can develop bad habits that turn into bad behaviors that can become annoying and dangerous.  Behavioral Modification sessions can address issues such as leash aggression, barking, jumping and door dashing.

Puppy Camp

Owners are busy and do not always have the time needed to dedicate to crate and house training. At camp your puppy is boarded at the trainer's home and learns to love their crate, gets put on a bathroom schedule, and begins basic obedience training. Contact for more info, availabilty and rates.


Dogs 101 for First-Time Dog Owners

This training helps you prepare for the arrival of your puppy, covers crate training, puppy/dog proofing your house, house breaking, basic obedience and learning to walk on a leash. You will learn how dogs learn and the important developmental steps in their lives.

Day Training

This is the perfect option if your schedule does not permit the time needed to devote to training your dog. Nancy comes to your home for sessions with your dog during the week and meets with you on the weekend to transfer the skills to you so you can reinforce the behaviors your dog has learned. An added bonus of day training is that your dog will be exercised and have a ‘business’ walk eliminating the need for a dog walker at that time.

Help your dog achieve their Best in Behavior!

Give Nancy Schumacher a call at 973-632-2992 or CLICK HERE to send an email


Nancy Schumacher is a dog trainer and dog walker servicing the areas of Short Hills NJ, Summit NJ, Chatham NJ and Madison NJ

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