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Dog Training


A well-trained dog

is the best kind of man’s—or woman’s—best friend! With a well-trained dog you never have to think twice around people and other dogs. A well-trained dog is a welcome addition to the many happy occasions shared with friends and family.

But not all of the behaviors that make for a well-behaved dog are innate.

They require focused training. Best in Behavior Canine Training will teach your dog key crucial foundational skills that foster good and appropriate behaviors. The foundations allow your dog to:

Foundation skills

Name recognition, sit, down, coming when called

Impulse Control Behaviors

Wait, stay, drop it, leave it

Leash Walking

Leash walking should incorporate all the foundation skills. Walking your dog should be a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Good behaviors will lead to a happier life for both you and your dog.

You will enjoy spending time with you dog when they act appropriately around you, your family and friends.

Let Best in Behavior show you that it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Training Fees


One Hour $150

Package of 4 or more one-hour sessions $125/session


Day Training $400/week (average of 4 weeks to cover foundation skills)
Day training incudes two 45-minute focused training sessions each week with Nancy and your dog plus one 45-minute session with owner, Nancy and your dog designed to transfer the training skills to be consistently reinforced at home.