Get Help with Behavior



You love your dog

Of course you do! He’s a good boy. She’s a good girl. Yet there are some behaviors getting in the way of your dog reliably and consistently being the best boy or best girl.

Training that Works

With more than 15,000 hours providing intensive behavior modification training, CPDT-certified* dog trainer Nancy Schumacher has successfully trained out some of the most stubborn canine misbehaviors. Behaviors such as:


Leash Reactivity

Counter Surfing


Resource Gaurding

Unwanted Chewing

Bitting & Door Dashing

Pulling on Leash

Separation Anxiety

Behavior Modification Training

Behavior modification training begins with a meeting between Nancy, you and your dog to assess the unwanted behaviors and discuss your training goals. Nancy will develop a targeted treatment plan that is achievable for both owner and dog. Her time-tested methods are grounded in research and never inhumane.

Nancy’s approach to behavior modification training is a partnership between owner, trainer, and dog. She will conduct intensive training sessions with your dog designed to lessen or eliminate behaviors while modeling for you how to offer the right incentives and rewards. Many unwanted behaviors are unwittingly reinforced by owners and therefore continue to be repeated by their dogs.

Nancy can also help to prepare your dog for life’s many disruptions—new baby, a move, new pet—that threaten his or her secure world and often bring about stress-induced unwanted behaviors.

Let Nancy help to bring out the best in your dog’s behavior. She can help to make a bad dog a good dog…a good dog a very good dog…a very good dog the best dog

Training Fees

$150 - per house session -Packages of 3 or more sessions $125/session