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Puppy Training


Bringing a new puppy home is filled with fun and excitement!

But it can also be exhausting with its daunting challenges.

How do I house train my puppy? What if my puppy nips at the baby? How and when do I socialize my new puppy? How do I discourage barking and jumping?

The good news is ...

that your puppy is ready to learn as soon as you bring him home. Your puppy wants you to teach her how to be a good dog! Training early is the key to nurturing appropriate behaviors while discouraging unwanted ones.

Training Fees


This 5-hour package includes a pre-arrival visit to instruct new owners on how best to quickly and effectively house and crate train. The remaining hours are devoted to teaching your puppy the foundational skills that make a well-trained dog—name recognition, sit, down, come when called, drop it, stay and the beginnings of loose leash walking.

You will learn the importance of positive puppy socialization and how to ‘nip’ unwanted behaviors in the bud—behaviors such as biting, jumping and barking.


One Hour $150

Package of 4 or more one-hour sessions $125/session


Day Training $400/week (average of 4 weeks to cover foundation skills)

Day training incudes two 45-minute focused training sessions each week with Nancy and puppy plus one 45-minute session with owner, Nancy and puppy designed to transfer the skills that will be needed to be consistently reinforced at home.



10 night minimum

Puppy camp includes crate training, establishing a workable bathroom schedule, socialization and laying the foundation for positive behaviors. Included is a one-hour lesson with owner designed to transfer training basics and foundational skills to be reinforced at home once Puppy Camp is over.

Puppies are housed in Nancy’s home with a limit of two puppies at any one time. Puppies up to the age of 6 months are accepted.