A well trained dog
represents both pride &

lasting companionship


Nancy Schumacher

Nancy Schumacher, founder of Best in Behavior and CPDT-KA Certified Dog Trainer is committed to helping your dog achieve his or her best in behavior. She uses a positive reward-based approach to dog training. This science-based approach rewards desired behavior and discourages undesired behavior through clear, consistent instruction. It is one you, and your dog, will enjoy.


CCPDT Certified

As a Knowledge Assessed member of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Nancy must abide by their strict Code of Ethics and adherence to their high standards of excellence, professionalism and ethical conduct. In order to get the best results shaping your new puppy’s behavior or improving your family dog’s behavior, and for your understanding how to maintain these good behaviors, Nancy offers customized private in-home training sessions.

New Jersey Dog Training

Set your pup up for suceess with one of our effective, positive, reward-based training solutions


Dog Training

A well-trained dog is the best kind of man’s - or woman’s - best friend! With a well-trained dog, you never have to think twice around people and other dogs. A well-trained dog is a welcome addition to many happy occasions shared with family and friends.


Dog Behavior Solutions

You love your dog, of course you do! He’s a good boy. She’s a good girls. Yet there are some behaviors getting in the way of your dog reliably and consistently being the best boy or best girl.


Puppy Training

Bringing a new puppy home is filled with fun and excitement! But it can also be exhausting with its daunting challenges. How do I house train my puppy? What if my puppy nips at the baby? How and when do I socialize my new puppy? How do I discourage barking and jumping?


Positive reward-based training

is a method that uses positive motivators to reinforce a dog’s behavior. By communicating clearly to the dog what we want them to do and rewarding that behavior, the dog will repeat that behavior.

By motivating with treats, praise and playtime, the dog is rewarded for performing the behavior the owner is asking for. Behavior that is rewarded is repeated. Your dog will learn that coming to you when called is a positive experience and he will repeat the behavior.