The Best Dog Toys

The best dog toys are the ones your dog likes to play with. All dogs have their own likes and dislikes and this applies to toys as well. Some dogs like a nice plush toy with a squeaker. Other dogs like a firm rubber chew to bite down on. Balls are awesome toys for fetching…

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Successfully house -training your new puppy – think small!

Bringing a new puppy home is exciting and can be over whelming. The first concern is taking care of their bathroom needs outside. It is not easy but like most projects it’s helpful to have a plan.  A good house-training plan includes 3 areas; Crate – A crate speeds up the house-training process. A crate…

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How to successfully choose the right dog for your family

  Set them up for success is advice I find myself telling my clients throughout all stages of dog training. We want our dogs to be successful which then makes us successful dog owners. What would be a definition of a successful dog?  A successful dog is one who knows how to and will behave…

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